Hands-On Hands-Off

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Derek Clewley and Seth Peterson

07 August 2023

54m 50s

Hands On Hands Off with special guest Dr. Greg Kawchuk



This is someone who many PTs may not know, but should. We were excited to get him on the show, especially after his AAOMPT keynote in 2022. Who is he? Well, he is a bit of everything. A chiropractor, an engineer, and a researcher. Put all of that together and you get one of the most influential mechanistic researchers in manual therapy. He has published many papers on the force application and manual therapy, especially on ways we can measure it. He is also well-funded in this area so expect more research to be developed. We talk with Greg about some of the pendulum swings from inability to assess motion so why focus on it to the likely swing back towards motion and force having some impact in our efficacy. The research is only at the tip of the iceberg but one thing Greg brings is passion and energy for the topic and we think you will really like this show!